Sadly, on September 16, 2020, Adam Colley, known online as Mog, Hideki or Tachyon, passed away on his home after multiple health complications, at the age of 45. He was found dead by the police on September 17, after a call to the authorities as he had not been in contact.

After a time of worry from his girlfriend and friends due to a sudden disappearance when he was home, days after he had been sent there from the hospital, our suspects were confirmed true.

This site is a memorial for our friend, which was a kind person who wanted the best for everyone. Despite everything, we can all say as his friends, that while things were wrong and rough at life, he still tried his best to help, without asking nothing else back, because he did care for all of us. Even if just kind words, Adam was always here for us. He was a great friend, even if some didn't see it.

I personally want to apologise for not being the greatest of the friends over the years. I did a lot of mistakes, but you did teach me too much, and I was glad that you were here for me, every time something happened. I am thankful for all what you did for me. I truly didn't expect this, not anytime soon, I hoped you'd have lived longer than this, but I suppose life's that shit. At least I hope, that anywhere you are now, you can at least rest in peace. Thanks for everything, thanks for being a great friend, thanks for being here for me, thanks for helping me learn, and I'm sorry. I'll miss you. -JeDaYoshi

We'll always remember you. Rest in peace, dear friend.